His Dirty Secret:Slave To The Billionaire(5)

By: Evelyn Troy

She walked across to the seating area and sank down into one of the chairs that faced the main door and elevator. She wanted to make sure that she could see him when he walked in otherwise her plan would be shot before she’d even had a chance to put it in motion.

She didn’t have too long to wait, as just a few minutes later the man in question walked out of the elevator, striding towards the reception desk with purpose. Isobel got to her feet and walked towards him, waiting until he’d finished talking to the woman behind the desk before she said anything.

“Good morning, Mr. James.” She made sure that her voice was neutral. Tyler James turned to look at her, frowning briefly as he tried to place who she was and obviously coming up blank. “Isobel Cairns? We met last night and you told me to meet you here this morning to start work?” She made her voice sound as though she was questioning his memory, and he immediately looked abashed and put out his own hand to take hers in a handshake.

“Isobel. Of course. Please forgive me. My mind was elsewhere.” He had been shaking her hand slowly the entire time he was speaking, and Isobel firmly pulled her hand back and out of his grasp, smiling to herself at his obvious discomfort.

“Excuse me just one minute, Isobel.” He turned back to the receptionist. “Has Jenny put in an appearance yet?” The receptionist shook her head indicating that the woman in question had not arrived. “Good. Call her please and tell her that her services are not required today.”

Isobel felt a pang of guilt at the possibility that Jenny might be the person she would be replacing, but she quickly quelled it. From what Tyler had told her last night, the woman didn’t do her job properly anyway, so it would be no great loss.

“Come with me Ms. Cairns.” He turned and walked back towards the elevator, and for one horrible minute Isobel thought that he was going to escort her from the building. Her fears were unfounded, however, as he pressed the button that would take them up to the top floor.

As the elevator made its ascent, Isobel cast a furtive glance in the direction of the man stood next to her. She couldn’t believe that he looked so fresh and alert after the copious amount of alcohol he’d consumed the night before. Hell, he looked better than simply alert; he looked positively gorgeous, she thought as her pulse gave another little jerk of awareness.

He didn’t say a single word to her on the short journey up, and Isobel was starting to think that maybe he knew that she was lying about him telling her to come to the office. But, as the door opened he stood to one side and smiled warmly at her, indicating that she should exit the elevator before him, and she breathed another small sigh of relief.

The elevator had opened up into what Isobel assumed was his office, judging by the huge mahogany desk and extensive plate glass windows that ran the whole length of one wall giving an amazing view of the city spread out beneath it. Thick carpet muffled their footsteps and expensive light fittings and artwork that was probably real and not prints adorned the wall. On the wall to the left was one door, and on the opposite wall was another, and Isobel would bet her life that the lush plants were real rather than fake. The whole room had an air of luxury that left her breathless.

Tyler walked around the desk and sat down in the huge leather executive chair. “Please, take a seat, Isobel.” He indicated the chair on the opposite side of the desk and she sat down nervously, crossing her legs demurely. “I seem to recall you telling me that you have typing experience and office administration skills?” He raised an inquiring eyebrow at her.

She did, but only just, and it had been a long time since she’d worked in an office environment. But how hard could it be? “Um, yes I do Mr. James.”

“Tyler, please. Mr. James sounds like you’re talking to my father.” He smiled in a friendly way and Isobel felt herself relax a little. “So, I thought that I’d give you a trial shot at being my personal assistant. If all goes well, then we’ll see about making the position more permanent. How does that sound?”

“It sounds wonderful Mr. Jame…Tyler. Thank you.” Isobel was glad that she hadn’t quit her bartending job, if it turned out that she sucked at office work she could at least go back there.

“Okay, if you’ll sit here for a minute I’ll write up a list of things that I’d like you to do today. Then I’ll take you through to where you’ll be working.” As he spoke he was taking a pen out of its holder on the desk that Isobel could have sworn was solid gold. Oh yeah, she’d definitely hit the jackpot.