His Dirty Secret:Slave To The Billionaire(4)

By: Evelyn Troy

Tyler’s laugh had a distinctly sarcastic ring to it, but his tone was pleasant enough when he responded to her comment. “Oh, I know you’re not, Isobel. It’s just that women like her give the rest of you a bad name.”

By now, Isobel had figured out that it was just one specific woman he was complaining about, but she couldn’t make out if it was a woman at work or at home he was referring to.

She was just about ready to ask him when he checked his watch and got to his feet, leaving Isobel staring up at him from her sitting position. Man, he’s even more impressive stood up, she thought, as she looked him up and down with vaguely concealed interest.

“I have to go, unfortunately.” He took out his wallet and retrieved a business card, holding it out to her with a drunken smile. “If you ever get a night off work and fancy doing something a little different, call me.” He gave her another one of his deliciously sexy winks.

Isobel watched him walk away, his steps just a little on the wonky side as the alcohol he’d consumed made him struggle with his coordination. She got to her feet and followed him to the door, just in case he got lost or couldn’t make it under his own steam. At least that was the excuse she gave herself. All she really wanted to do was admire his taut ass as he walked.

Reaching the main door, she opened it and looked out just in time to see him getting into what looked like a brand new Jaguar; the driver closing the back door behind him once he was seated and then going around to the driver’s door and pulling away from the curb a second later.

Isobel watched the tail lights fade into the distance and then looked at the business card she still held in her hand with a thoughtful look. Tyler James: CEO/Owner Tyler Morgan Inc. her eyes widened at the heading. CEO/Owner? Holy shit batman, she might have just hit the jackpot. She walked back into the bar with a determined step to her stride. She couldn’t wait to get the last hour of work over and done with so she could get home and think about things.

A few hours later, her plan was hatched and her mind made up. She was sick to death of working in the bar. No prospects, crappy wages and horrible customers made the place a living hell for her, and she would do just about anything to get out of there. She knew she would be taking a chance, but she hadn’t handed her notice in at the bar yet, so she knew that if all else failed she could go back to work there as normal.

Chapter Two


The following morning she woke early and jumped out of bed eagerly. Today could be the start of a completely new life for her, and she wanted to be prepared for it. She ran herself a hot bath, cleaned her teeth, plucked her eyebrows and checked that she didn’t need to shave anywhere, making sure that her under arms and legs were smooth. She’d had a bikini wax just two days ago, so even her pussy was well trimmed, although she didn’t think that would be applicable for what she had in mind anyway.

A short while later she was finished with her bath and her long auburn hair was dried and put up in a neat chignon, giving her a sincere but sexy look. She applied the minimum of make-up; a hint of eye-shadow and a sweep of mascara accentuated her almond shaped green eyes. A faint dab of blusher to highlight her cheekbones and she was ready to put her clothes on.

She walked back into her bedroom and started to get dressed. A lacy white bra and matching thong with thigh-high hold-ups went on first, followed by a crisp white blouse that was just a teeny bit see-through. A black skirt that ended just above her knees and a matching black jacket were finished off with a pair of patent black leather stilettos. She walked over to the full length mirror, gave her clothes a tweak here and there and then nodded in satisfaction. She looked professional, but sexy; exactly what she wanted.

She grabbed herself a quick cup of coffee after checking the time. She wanted to be there early, but not so early that she’d stand out like a sore thumb while she waited. Grabbing her keys, she locked her front door and made her way to her car.

Her nerves started to get to her a little on the short trip into town, but it was nothing she couldn’t handle and she was of the opinion that it was a case of nothing ventured, nothing gained. She parked her car in the underground parking lot beneath the Tyler Morgan office block and rode the elevator up to the lobby, smoothing down her skirt and taking a deep, calming breath as the door opened.

Isobel walked into the lobby towards the reception desk and looked around her in awe. Black marble tiles were beneath her feet and leather chairs and couches lined the wall-papered walls. The whole place had an air of opulence to it that took her breath away. She pinned a smile to her face that she hoped hid her nerves and asked the receptionist if Mr. James was in his office yet, to be told that he was yet to arrive.