Heavenly Angel:Divine Creek Ranch 3(8)

By: Heather Rainier

He tilted her chin up to him, kissed her once more, then whispered, “Goodnight, beautiful.”

“Goodnight, Angel,” she responded breathlessly.

She slipped in and smiled at him still standing there, making sure she got in safely, before he turned and sauntered back to his big truck. After conversing with Marissa for a few minutes, she paid her and watched as she returned to her parents’ apartment next door. Teresa leaned back against the front door after closing and locking it and let out a deep breath, willing her heart to slow its pounding rhythm. He called her beautiful.

Chapter Three

Teresa had just delivered Grace’s wedding gown, which had been at the dry cleaner’s for pressing. Angel had kindly carried the long dress bag in for her. Teresa watched Angel saunter out the backdoor of the Divine Creek Ranch house, the sun glinting off his long, jet-black braid.

What she wouldn’t give to run her fingers slowly through those silky strands. Teresa could almost feel his hair against her fingertips. He’d kissed her and nuzzled her throat before saying goodbye. Talk about sensory overload. Who knew such an unassuming spot could be that sensitive to his touch? Tingles raced up and down her spine at the memory of his lips behind her ear.

She found Grace in Jack’s bedroom sorting through lists. Teresa plopped down on the end of the bed then hopped up and sat in the upright chair standing by Grace’s dresser. Grace grinned and rolled her eyes, not even asking, knowing what Teresa was thinking. That was the bed that Grace shared with her men, and Teresa shouldn’t be sitting on it.

Sheesh! Where had her parents gotten all the ideas they raised her with? She huffed rebelliously and bounced right back out of the chair and came and perched next to Grace on the edge of the bed. Grace looked over at her, a surprised smirk on her face.

“Wow. Angel must be a good influence on you. He’s really into you, you know that?”


“Did you hear what he said? He would ‘look forward to seeing you come down the aisle’?”

“He said that to me out on the porch earlier, too.”

“He said that twice? What’s on his mind, I wonder?” Grace said knowingly, looking at Teresa. “Are you going to let him teach you to dance, risk-taker?”

“He said he would. I hope I don’t step all over his toes.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Teresa. You have a natural, graceful way of moving. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble at all. You really like Angel, don’t you?”

Teresa sighed and smiled, shivering delightedly at the memory of his lips brushing beneath her ear. “Yes, Grace. I do.”

“Does he still make you nervous?”

“Like a long-tailed cat in a rocking-chair factory, but it was better today than it was on our date. Maybe I’m getting used to him?”

“Maybe. He deserves someone sweet like you.”

* * * *

Angel stood at the back of the church greeting other guests he knew, waiting to take his seat until the last minute. He greeted Evan and Wesley Garner and Rosemary Piper, whom he knew from Cheaver’s Western Store. She was her Uncle Randy’s right hand running the big operation. He finally seated himself on the end of a row, next to the aisle. He wanted to have a clear view of Teresa as she came down the aisle.

Movement could be seen through the stained-glass windows on either side of the closed wooden doors. The music changed tempo, and the musicians began to play a slightly different melody. Sunlight streamed through as the doors were swung open again. Everyone turned in their seats expectantly, him included. Haloed by bright sunlight, Teresa stepped into the doorway.

Angel’s heart pounded in his chest. He wondered if it could be heard by anyone else, it was so loud in his ears. She blushed, but her were not downcast. She moved forward, and he was glad he’d chosen to wear a sport coat over his dress shirt. It would serve to cover the swelling erection he had when it was time to stand for the bride.

Holding her head high, she took measured, unhurried steps forward. She scanned the crowd until she found him, he noticed, and then her eyes stayed on him until she came abreast of him. He took it as a good sign that she did not avert them, hoping it meant she was growing more comfortable near him.

The silky fabric of her dress caught the fading rays of sunlight as she moved, framing and accentuating the curves of her hips and thighs. The bodice of the dress framed her lush breasts in a way that was pure torture for his hardening cock. His hands and cock twitched as he wished he could touch them.

* * * *

Teresa’s heart pounded as she moved through the doorway. She took deep, calming breaths and proceeded slowly down the aisle. She sighed in relief when she found Angel on the end of a row about two-thirds of the way down the center aisle. His golden-brown gaze felt like a caress, and he smiled when their eyes met. Her cheeks tingled in response to the subtle heat in his gaze. The aisle was not very wide, and if she wanted to, she could’ve touched him as she passed. Teresa kept her hands on her bouquet and proceeded forward, wondering if she’d actually felt his body heat or if it had merely been a trick of her mind.