Heat Exchange:The Alpha Billionaire's Virgin Book 1(7)

By: Deana Farrady

He shrugged. "I occasionally employ cooks and caterers, but I'm not particularly happy with any of them, and frankly, I like good food. You could cook for me."

"Cook for you?" She shook her head. "It's a vacation. I could probably manage a week away, it's the off season. But no way am I going to spend my time cooking for somebody on my vacation."

His jaw jutted out.

She relented. "I might, however, consider instructing you how to cook some dishes you like."

"I don't cook," he said tersely.

"What, not at all?"

"I can make tea and scrambled eggs."

Her jaw dropped. "Seriously? You're that useless?" She blushed. "In the kitchen, I mean."

He didn't like that, she saw.

"Have you always been rich enough to have people cook for you?" She couldn't imagine what that must be like.

He shook his head. "Only in the last few years. Before then, I ate out, ate frozen meals, or my mom or girlfriend did the cooking."

"Ah. I get it now." She almost felt sorry for him. "I don't imagine there's much point in your learning to be independently fed at this point."

"I'm not too sure about that. Hey, didn't I tell you to come here?"

Janey started. "What?"

"Over here, Janey." He patted the floor. She found herself doing what he said, rising to her feet and walking over to him and then sitting down beside him.

"No. In front of me. There." He moved her by the waist with disturbing ease until Janey felt his warm, hard body behind her through his clothes and hers. He spread her suit jacket out on her lap and wrapped his arm around her waist. She could smell a faint spicy aroma of male. It made her flustered. She leaned back against him and gazed unseeingly at the wall on the opposite side of the elevator and squirmed a little.

"Settle down. There's a camera up there and security guys outside. You're not in any danger."

"I'm not scared," she said hotly. "I just don't know what you're doing."

"An experiment," he said. She felt him move and then his breath blew warmly in her ear. "How would you like an orgasm right now?"

Janey went rigid. "What?" She stopped herself just in time from shrieking the word. It came out more as a squeal.

Still speaking into her ear, he said, "I'd estimate we have at least twenty minutes before the doors open. I should be able to easily give you an orgasm before then. Let's give it a try, anyway. Then you can decide what to do."

She craned her neck to look at him, pretty sure her face must look like a lobster right now. "You can't be serious. You want to have sex right here in this elevator? In front of the camera? You're a sicko."

He didn't seem to get insulted by that. In fact, he appeared to be biting the inside of his cheek to keep from smiling. "Not have sex. Just give you a little orgasm. All you have to do is sit there and look normal for the camera. Don't give any indication of what's happening and nobody will be arrested for public indecency."

"That's perverted."

"Really? Okay, well, then it was a bad idea. Forget it." He let go of her waist and leaned back. He seemed pretty casual about the whole thing, regarding her with one eyebrow arched.

She turned back around and stared into space.

Of course it was a bad idea.

Too bad her body wasn't agreeing. A rush of excitement was heating her blood all the way from her feet to the top of her head. The idea of doing what he said actually tempted her a lot. She'd never even thought of doing anything so daring or risqué in her life. Of course, it was ridiculous to think he could actually give her an orgasm. Here. In the elevator. Essentially in public.

Her eyes darted nervously to the security camera on the ceiling.

Twenty minutes.

More like eighteen now.

"I guess this is what I get for whining and feeling sorry for myself," she babbled, thinking aloud as much as talking to him. "It would be stupid to say no. I mean, here you are not being a total slimeball and offering me a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Are you sure you're not a total slimeball?'

She heard him snort. "Did I ever promise that I wasn't one?"

"I guess not." She said glumly, "My record's not real good here. I thought Vince wasn't a slimeball and it turned out I was wrong."

She was just wasting time now, she realized. Too much thinking and the decision would be over for her. "Um. Okay. I'll put my money where my mouth is." She waved her hands around. "You can go ahead and do whatever it is you do. But if they do decide to arrest us, you are going to have to pay the bail money. And I'll probably sue you for ruining my reputation."