Heat Exchange:The Alpha Billionaire's Virgin Book 1(10)

By: Deana Farrady

"You really want to do it?"

"Might as well," he said. "Better than you picking up your average neighborhood sleazeball."

"It's a very gracious offer." She meant it. For some reason, he'd been turned on just now, but it was probably a weird fluke. This would hardly be a thrill for him. Spending a week tutoring an inexperienced virgin when he could spend it in Hawaii or in the Caribbean or wherever he planned to go couldn't be all that appealing.

Of course, he might still turn out to be a scumbag. The whole thing might be some kind of perv trick. Maybe she'd been unlucky enough to get stuck on an elevator with a character who chronically went around to all the elevators in the city looking for gullible victims. It was possible.

"Do you have any references?" she asked seriously.

There was beat of silence. Then he burst out laughing. He opened his mouth, but before he could answer, the doors of the elevator began to open.

Chapter 3

TO: Janey Pankowski

FROM: Nyall Anderson

SUBJECT: Vacation

Hi Janey,

I enjoyed meeting you on the elevator last Friday.

As per our tentative plans, I've managed to cancel my trip and set aside the first week in October for our week together. However, with the way you left, I wasn't sure you were still on board for the whole thing. Let me know if it doesn't work for you.

Assuming everything is a go, there are some ground rules I'd like to cover before you come to stay. Just a few items to make things easier for you.

Regarding those references you asked about. Feel free to contact any of the following people listed in the attached file. They can vouch for my experience in these matters.

Attached also is a physician's report dated this week. You'll want to look it over carefully.

As to security, look me up on the Internet. Forward this email to someone you trust. Do whatever you would do if you were planning to go away with anybody you didn't know well.

I'll call you tonight about those rules on your business cell.


Nyall Anderson


Sonneman Anderson Research Group

Janey read the email for the hundredth time, trying to read between the lines.

In the week since that crazy couple of hours she'd spent on the elevator with the sexy stranger, she'd tried to convince herself the whole thing had been a bizarre dream.

It certainly had been like a dream. As soon as the elevator doors had been pried open and there were people milling about, reality had intruded. Rudely.

Janey had found herself staring, appalled, at Nyall, who was once again ignoring her and talking on his phone. Then she'd grabbed her bags and bolted.

During the days since, she'd tried to put the whole episode out of her mind. And almost succeeded.

Until this morning when she'd gotten his email from out of the blue. It told her that the episode had not only been real, but memorable enough for Nyall to dig out her business card and follow up on it.

Assuming he was who he said he was. Which did seem to be the case.

She'd spent all day researching him. Examining his medical records, which showed a man by the name of Nyall Anderson reported as being in the peak of health and free of STDs.

She'd also looked him up on the Internet and called all his references.

She'd been shocked at what she discovered. For one thing, Nyall Anderson was pretty famous after all. Not famous like a celebrity, but in business tech circles, he was a well-known name, a startup wiz who'd passed several hot new health technology properties through his hands, turning them into gold. Even she had heard of the biggest of them—DocMeWorld, a platform that was supposed to be paving the way for remote healthcare consultation. It was changing the face of healthcare worldwide.

The dude had to be seriously wealthy. Frighteningly so. He'd been married once, just as he said. And at just 28, the man was actually one year younger than she was!

But that wasn't the least of it. One by one, she'd gone through the names on his reference list. There were eleven, all women. The first thing she did was look them up online to establish that they were real people. They were.

And their relationship with Nyall became obvious as she talked with each of them. Each one had been his lover, and most of them still were.

He didn't do girlfriends or wives, he'd said. But he clearly did mistresses.

At first, her questions had been cautiously worded. But the women were all frank, welcoming, and happy to talk to her on the phone.

Really nice women, actually. They made it easy to ask questions, so by the end, Janey felt like some kind of savvy interviewer.

Q: What is your relationship with Nyall Anderson?

A: Oh, Nyall's awesome. He's a babe. Really generous.

Q: Are you lovers?

A: Sure.

Q: How often do you see him?