Falling for My Son's Best Friend(8)

By: Cassandra Dee

“Panties. Off.”

And with that, I laughed throatily, wiggling my hips once more. Because I knew how to do this. Slowly, I walked over to the bed, climbing on top of the huge white comforter and positioned myself on my hands and knees, ass high up in the air, lush and white. Wiggling and jiggling a bit, I turned to look over my shoulder at him, humping my ass cheeks up and down, baiting him with my butt.

“Daddy want to see what’s underneath?” I murmured throatily, meeting his eyes over a slim shoulder. “Daddy want to see?”

The man didn’t answer but his iron shaft nodded yes, bobbing up and down like it was talking to me. And so with another giggle, another sweet laugh, I lowered my shoulders to the mattress, balancing carefully, pressing my cheek against a pillow and slowly reached back, edging my panties over that luscious white ass, revealing my cheeks, my big behind, and finally that steaming, hot pussy, my moist slit. Wiggling a bit, I maneuvered the panties down my knees and off my feet, tossing them into a corner, uncaring where they landed. Oh god, how had I become such a wanton whore? I was Marie, single mom, repressed and shy, and yet now I was acting like such a slut, ready for this man in every part of my body, hot, moist, and so eager. I loved it, I loved this new side of myself, it was like a phoenix had risen from the ashes, a transformed me.

And rolling with the delicious naughtiness, I met his eyes over my shoulder once more, still wiggling deliciously, making my ass jiggle.

“Come and kiss?” I murmured, coyly meeting his eyes, the soft folds of my pussy glistening and pink. “Kiss my pussy?”

But the man wasn’t having it.

“You’re beautiful baby,” he growled, eyes never leaving that moist slit, hand still glued to his cock, going like a motor. “But I want to see more. Spread, baby, spread it,” he commanded, so alpha, chest and abs tight as he stroked himself, entire body hard. Because somehow during my strip tease, he’d lost all his clothes too, the man in full glory before me, tanned and toned, bronze skin, all of it bare, exciting, and rock hard ready for me.

And I could do nothing but obey. The alpha had commanded and I had to respond, my limbs were already moving. So I murmured, “Yes Daddy,” and reaching back once more, I put a hand on each buttcheek and pulled them apart, opening myself so that everything was revealed, absolutely everything from my hotly dripping slit to the brown pucker like an exclamation at the top. And oh god, I was so wet that a small bead formed at my hole, slowly sliding down my lips before dropping off onto the bedspread and leaving a wet spot, evidence of my desire.

But Trent wasn’t done yet. Despite the fact that I was crouched on the bed, nude, holding my ass open for him, displaying everything, he hadn’t had enough. The big man was depraved, wanting even more, and he seized my eyes, commanding, “Open yourself. All the way, baby, pull your pussy open for me.”

I gasped. Oh god, really? He wanted to see so deep, this wasn’t enough? But I couldn’t say no, there was something about Trent so charismatic, so amazing. I had to go with the pulsing flow of my body, what he did to me, so mesmerizing and arousing. So spreading my knees even more, I reached even further back until my fingers caressed my labia. And with gentle, delicate touches, I pulled apart my pussy lips, the soft flesh opening slowly, revealing my hole, the deep pink insides, glistening and moist, the crevice where his dick would go, small yet pulsing, ready for his invasion.

“Kiss my cunt now,” I begged. “Please.”

And this time, the man was on me in an instant, his big form across the room in a flash.

“Fuck yeah,” he muttered before diving in, pressing his mouth to my asshole for a quick swipe before running the flat of his tongue all the way from clit to anus, tasting everything I had to give. I cried out, bucking with ecstasy, eyes squeezed shut as he tongued my dripping slit. Oh fuck, he knew exactly where to touch, where to kiss, lick, and his talented tongue left me gasping.

“Unnnph!” I cried out again as he ran up one side of my labia, then the other, scooping up the sweet nectar, sampling my personal ambrosia. Touching my vaginal hole, slowly he edged it inside until he was fucking my pussy with his mouth, spearing his tongue in and out, making me tremble wildly, knees shaky, cunt pulsing with each delicious entry and exit.

“Fuck you taste good,” he muttered against my flesh, female cream pouring down his throat, I was seeping fluid like an overflowing hose. “Fuck, fuck.”

But the man wasn’t done yet. Because he wanted more than just pussy, he wanted ass. As he tongued my sweet snatch, playing with my clit, biting, nipping gently, circling the sensitive bundle of nerves, one hand went up to my asshole, slowly tracing over the tight pucker.