Falling for My Son's Best Friend(7)

By: Cassandra Dee



Oh god, I was here in a plush suite of the Four Seasons, I was with a strange man in his hotel room and instead of feeling threatened or scared, I merely felt excited, delirious almost in anticipation of what was going to happen. Because I wanted it. I wanted Trent to reawaken my body, to make me into a woman once more, desirable, harboring a man within myself, making me feel good, whole and sensual once more.

And as soon as the door closed, he was on me, mouth possessive, demanding, yet so sweet on mine.

“Open,” he commanded. “Open for Daddy.”

I giggled a little. Daddy? Here in the hotel suite, I could see that he was younger than I previously thought, maybe in his thirties. Being thirty-nine myself, Trent was hardly daddy material. Maybe I could be his mommy instead.

But then a big hand slipped through my thighs and I gasped, eyes flying open, tingles running sensuously through my cunt, my most private place moistening.

“Oh!” I gasped, breasts heaving. God, it’d been so long since a man touched me there, anything other than my hand or a piece of plastic. So to feel male fingers stroking me softly, petting, patting, before settling into a delicious rub made my mind whirl, my knees go week. “Oh Trent!” I breathed into his ear.

And the big male growled, holding my close.

“That’s it, baby, let go,” he said. “Let me make you feel good.”

I gave into the tidal wave of sensations then, the delectable tingle in my cunt, the delicate beat of arousal between my legs becoming a hammering pulse. I absolutely folded, lost to the sensations.

“Yes,” I cried out. “Yes, Trent, fuck me, fuck me.”

The rhythm of our lovemaking changed with the words, my surrender complete. What had previously been sweet, sensual, a slow exploration became hard, hot, heavy with a filthy edge … and I loved it.

His hands roamed over my breasts, grabbing the sweet flesh, squeezing hard, twisting and pulling at my nipples. “Oh!” I squealed, “oh!” And the big man chuckled darkly, eyes gleaming as he took in my uninhibited reaction.

“Off,” he commanded. “Get naked baby girl, Daddy wants to see.”

I giggled, cunt steaming, nipples hard as tacks, so aroused, so wet already. Because how long had it been since someone called me baby girl? And “Daddy”? But oh yeah, Daddy he was, so commanding, so dominant.

So with tentative hands, I pulled my sweater over my head, shaking my brown curls free in the process. It’d been so long since I was naked before a man, and my hands were slow, shaking a little. But Trent made me feel so desirable, beautiful and absolutely fuckable, and oh, but I wanted it. Because the man growled, his blue gaze never leaving me as he devoured me with his eyes.

“Fuck you’re gorgeous, sweetheart,” he rasped, eyes roaming the sweet hillocks of my tits. “Off,” he commanded again.

And with trembling hands, I reached in back to unsnap my bra, slowly stroking the lacy straps off my arms, the demi bra falling away to reveal my girls. They were huge, white, absolutely enormous, I’d breastfed my son years ago and they’d never gone down since, retaining that filled-with-milk look, creamy and nutritious.

And oh god, but the alpha had his dick out now and was stroking it, that hard shaft pointing straight at me, tip dripping with lust. I hadn’t seen a man’s penis in real life for so long, and it made me gasp, shivers running down my spine, my cunt moistening instinctively, beginning to gush. Ten inches, stiff as a metal bar, and the only thing I could think about was how it would taste, how it’d feel in my sweet pussy, my folds cushioning his iron rod, the hardness pushed deep in my soft flesh. Oh god, oh god. His pre-cum seeped heavily from his dicktip, shiny and wet, the big man’s hand making soft sucking sounds as it moved up and down that hard shaft.

“Fuck, baby girl, fuck,” he rasped again, fingers pulling off his penis with an audible pop. And I moaned a bit, legs parting instinctively, ready for penetration now. But I wasn’t done yet. Standing once more, I slowly slid the cocktail dress down my body, wiggling a little to get them over my hips, the crushed velvet dragging against my skin. Because yeah, I’m a big girl and clothes are never easy to get on or off, but I didn’t regret wearing the dress for one instant, the way Trent gazed at the miles of steamy flesh exposed, how he ate me up. The man rumbled again, dark streaks on his face as he continued stroking himself, his dick literally dripping now like a leaky faucet, sperm pooling on the floor.

“You need a napkin?” I giggled gently, eyeing his body. “Or you want me to clean that up for you?” The cock jerked at my words, at my intimation that I’d happily lick that fuckpole clean for him. But Trent remained rock steady, eyes intense, merely grunting again.