Falling for My Son's Best Friend(6)

By: Cassandra Dee



The brunette was gorgeous, standing in the bar alone, nervously biting her lip as she looked around for her friend. I’d watched, amused, as one guy after another approached her, trying to strike up a conversation, get her interested. But she was curiously aloof, smiling politely but not really responding, making her excuses.

And I was intrigued for sure. Most women that beautiful are practiced when it comes to guys, experience has taught them how to handle men, and they’re able to keep three guys eating out of each palm, juggling the males like masters. But this woman was different. Despite having the looks of a Venus de Milo, curvy, sexy, with a generous rack and even more generous ass, she looked uncomfortable, like the parade of eager suitors made her uncomfortable, she wasn’t sure what to do with them. And I watched, amused, as she talked a little to each one before sending them on their way, craning her head to look for her friend all the while.

And the brunette was doing okay until that one guy came along. Santa Claus was so overweight that his gut leaked over his belt, protruding like a huge beach ball. But the red-faced man didn’t care, he was stuck on himself for reasons unknown, flashing a gold pinky ring as he chatted her up. And I saw the brunette shake her head, desperately looking around for her friend now, trying to make her excuses, but the fat man just wouldn’t let up. But it all went to shit when he touched her. A big meaty paw landed on the brunette’s ass and she jumped, eyes wide and shocked, trying to create some space between them. But the bar was packed and there was simply no place to go.

So I dove in for the rescue.

“Hey,” I ground out, “Found you. Let’s get a drink,” I said, my tone brooking no question as to whom this woman belonged to.

And sure enough, the lesser man backed off, making his excuses, waddling off as fast as he could, making waves in the crowd as he bumped and pushed. But the woman shot me a glance gratefully.

“Thanks,” she murmured, “I really appreciate it, I’m not used to crowds like this.”

My eyebrow quirked. It was more than the crowds, this female was gorgeous and had no idea, flustered by the way men kept approaching her over and over again. And I could see why. Close up, she was even more beautiful than I’d previously thought. Big brown eyes looked up at me, so warm they could melt chocolate, set with a pert, dainty nose and full, plush lips. Oh god, those lips, what they could do to a man, how they’d feel all over my body.

But I shook myself, forcing the dirty train of thought to stop. Fuck, I’d come to rescue the woman and instead I was acting like a grunting caveman, ready to claim her for myself. Down boy, down. So I took a deep breath and laughed nonchalantly, instead making casual conversation with her, easy banter. And she was so responsive, her eyes melting into mine, her breathy laughs coming easy even as I shocked and titillated her.

“That there’s a working girl,” I nodded to the woman who’d staked out a corner of the bar.

Marie’s innocence was incredibly charming, those cheeks flushing as she looked.

“No really?” she gasped. But I nodded authoritatively. I knew for sure because the woman had propositioned me already tonight, she was making her rounds of the Boom Room, and as one of the few attractive guys here, she’d come to me first in the hopes of making her night a little easier.

“Yeah,” I rumbled, leaning in close to her. “For sure.”

And it was fun, watching with the little lady as we observed the scenario unfold. Because sure enough, our working girl found herself a john, joining him upstairs, and Marie turned to me again, eyes wide, still disbelieving.

“It’s true, isn’t it?” she murmured quietly. “I never would have guessed, she looked so normal.”

And I laughed because the best working girls aren’t those that look like models or actresses, they tend to look like the girl next door, attractive but not movie-star beautiful, more Good Housekeeping than Vogue. But they’re experts at reading men, at intuiting what a man wants, what a man needs, that’s what nets them the big bucks.

But right now, this woman was what I needed. There was something about Marie, her indecision, a little lost, new to it all, and I wanted to show her the world. I wanted to see where we could go, how that curvy body would feel against mine, wrapped around me, her warmth soft and oh so sweet. So I kissed her gently, right there in the bar, our breath mingling, and sure enough, the woman gave it up, pressing her body into mine.

“Yes,” she murmured. “Yes.”

And that was enough. I took her hand and led her to my room for a night of loving … determined to ravage that female form and best the best she’d ever had.