Falling for My Son's Best Friend(10)

By: Cassandra Dee

“Fuck baby,” he grunted approvingly. “You have beautiful lip grip.”

I flushed, his words sinking in through the haze of pleasure. Because I knew exactly what he was talking about. My pussy was so hungry, so desperate for a man, that when his dick withdrew my labia stuck to him, hugging him tight, begging him not to go. I couldn’t help it, the pole owned me, and I wanted it to take me again, wholly, completely.

But the man had his reasons for fucking my cunt, and he tightened his hold my hips, slowly sliding himself in and out.

“That’s right,” he rasped. “You’re getting Daddy’s dick wet, getting him all ready to take you in the ass.”

And I cried out then, pussy flaring, the cream gushing even harder as he went deep into my cunt once more. Because oh god, yeah, there was so much juice, so much of my personal nectar that the backs of my thighs were drenched now, his dick and balls coated in my ambrosia, the personal lube readying us for intimate play. And after a few more strokes, the man pulled back once again, this time all the way back so that his dick popped out from my body, head trailing against my soft lips. And with one hand, he pushed my back down a little before angling his tip at my anal hole, at the little pucker he’d licked earlier. I felt something wet drop onto my anus and realized he’d spit and it felt so dirty, so nasty, that saliva seeping into my crevice, trailing wetly inside. But then his glans pressed against my ass and all thought flew out of my mind. I couldn’t do anything except feel, give myself to the dirty sensations overwhelming me.

He growled, hands steady on my fleshy hips, holding my ass still as he began to press.

“Steady little girl,” Trent rumbled, body tight as his dick probed my tight ring. “Steady.”

And I mewled but managed not to move as he increased the pressure, sensations heightening once more, almost becoming unbearable. But then with an audible pop, a slight gasp, he was in. Oh god, my sphincter had given it up and he slid in a couple inches, the penetration so filthy, so sinful, and yet so good.

“Ohhhh,” I moaned, my forehead dropping to the coverlet like a flower too heavy for its stalk. “Ohhh.” The feeling in my ass was indescribable, like I was getting stretched by a huge rod of steel in my butt, completely fucked.

But the big man wasn’t done yet.

“That’s it baby, two inches in, just eight to go.”

And my eyes flew open. Holy shit, I’d only taken two inches so far? Oh god, I was so full already, my rear end stretched so tight. But he growled behind me, encouraging, one big hand squeezing an ass cheek as the other reached below to caress my clit. And that did it. His fingers playing over my bud were like magic, my arousal ramping once again, going to a million degrees, my cunt loose, soft and moist as my anus accepted his rod. And with another slow slide of his hips, he pushed in even more, my ass so violated, so wrong.

“That’s it,” he ground out again, voice tight, balls slightly brushing against my sweet pussy. “That’s it, almost there.”

And with one last thrust, he was in. Oh god, oh god, my ass was so fucked, I was so fucked, everything was so small down there yet so full, so deliciously dirty that I screamed then, lifting my head as my cunt jerked and trembled.

“That’s it, little girl,” he soothed. “Let Daddy fuck your butt, be Daddy’s little butt slut.”

The words were so disgusting, so obscene, but instead of being grossed out or offended, instead the opposite happened. I creamed wetly, moaning as my pussy juiced, and the big man grunted in back of me with satisfaction, arousal ramping through that huge form. And his pole began a smooth slide in and out, moving backwards and forwards, dragging deliciously across my inner flesh as his fingers teased my pussy, niggling my clit, stroking the hard nub before giving it a swift pinch.

“Unnh!” I cried out, eyes squeezed shut, huge tits swaying. “Ohhh!”

Because it was coming. The assault on my senses was too much and I couldn’t hold on for much longer. It’d been so long, and this gorgeous man was pushing me over the edge. His huge penis in my back end, the fingers niggling my sensitive bud were too much for me and with a scream I gave in.

“Ohhhh!” I shrieked, gasping, body thrashing with ecstasy, hot curves flying everywhere as my pussy clenched and spasmed. “Ohh!”

And the big man rode me the entire way, pole running slowly in and out of my ass as my cunt twitched.

“That’s it,” he ground out, “that’s it, let it go, pretty baby, let it go.”

I shrieked once more because my climax hadn’t ended. Instead, the deep stroking motions caused it to ramp up once again and this time, my ass was caught in the symphony. Oh yeah, this time my anus clenched down as well, so hard, so powerful that the big man roared behind me, his dick in a vise. And then he came too, the deep milking motions from my ass grabbing his fuckpole, his penis jerking and spurting, lash after lash of hot white spraying my insides, my anal canal coated in virile jizz, going so far up that my GI tract got a load as well.