Bossy Daddy(3)

By: Mia Madison

And then one night I saw her.

It was very late. Diana had gone to bed like always. Locking herself in her bedroom before I ever came home. Fine by me. Nothing I wanted there anyways. I just gave her the cash to pay the bills and that was the extent of our interaction. I threw myself into the home gym I'd built in the basement, working off my pent up disappointments until I built up a dripping sweat.

I was sitting on the adductor, pressing over a hundred pounds. About the weight of the girl watching me, hidden. My heart was pounding with exertion, when I looked up briefly and noticed a flicker of pink at the door frame. That was all it took to get my dick standing up granite hard in my shorts. I was commando, having thrown off my suit and everything else as soon as I came home.

That made it worse. The huge bastard swaying and shoving against the fabric, clamoring to be set loose and in pursuit of the sweetest little pussy it had ever plunged into.

And lets face it, there had been a shit ton of those.

But none remotely like Carly.

I could clearly picture her bare legs walking across the gym toward me. Her naked tits under her sleep shirt bouncing with every step. Jesus holy fuck, I wanted her climbing on top of my thighs, straddling me right there where I sat at the adductor machine. I needed her soft lips tipping down to press into mine as I yanked that tee up her body and watched her tits bounce free. I yearned to pinch her round rosy buds until they peaked hard and she gasped from the pain. And then let out a breath of desire for more of the same, as the pleasure flooded through her small body to the very edges of her.

I wanted to lick across her bullet points and suck them between my lips, increasing her need for me even more. Only then, only when she was breathless and begging would I pull her loose shorts, the ones she always slept in, winter and summer, to one side and part her tender lips.

“Yes,” she'd murmur. “Yes, like that, Daddy.”

“Call me, Smith,” I'd tell her and she'd immediately do as I said.

“Yes, Smith,” her voice so kitteny soft and filled with longing. “Just like that, Daddy.”

Fuck, it was so wrong. How badly I wanted her whispering my name as I pressed between her outer lips and found her quivering point nestled in her soaking folds, jutting out with hunger for my touch. How I wanted to be the one to thrust a finger into her tight little pussy and feel her tense up from the newness of it, the unexpected jolt of pain. And still she'd beg for more of me.

My dick just about igniting, I looked up to find another glimpse of her almost bare body, but she'd disappeared. Sitting there, half panting with lust, I heard the soft creak of the stairs as she flittered away from me.

Holy shit, I was ready to fucking explode.

I headed straight into the shower – an ensuite locker room I'd also installed in my man cave. I shoved the loose shorts down my shaking thighs and stepped out of them into the shower, already stroking my huge shaft of burning wood. Can you imagine shoving that massive bastard inside her tight little pussy?

Oh fuck, that's exactly what I did. Picking up the pace of the thrust and pressure fast until I exploded against the dark marble tile in an endless gush I wished was filling her, instead of swirling down the drain.

I'm a monster I admit it.

Thank fuck, Carly left the house the next day. I doubt I could have kept my hands off her next time I was working out and she came to spy on me.

I spent a week in desperate need – thinking of her night and fucking day. Until her mother and I got into one massive flare up. With no reason she accused me of banging my secretary and I left.

Now here she is. Little Carly all grown up, sitting outside human resources with a slew of other girls the same age. Her body is even more explosive than I remember, even in the ordinary white blouse and dark blue skirt, she looks smoking.

My cock unfurls and begins to spring into action, just from the sight of her. And I'm not the sort of asshole that gets a bone every time he walks past a girl half his age. Just this one. My Carly. Still my little girl.

Chapter THREE


I walk into the conference room where my management team are waiting to give me a briefing.

“The third quarter's figures are looking-”

I hold up my hand to silence Andrew Weatherall before he gets started with the boring but essential update.

“What's going on out there in the hall?” I ask Pandora Oxley, sitting in on this to take the minutes.

She looks up at me nervously. Surprised that I'd be speaking to her at all. The big boss. My reputation is pretty fierce around here, so I'm told. The women tend to flush with high color in their cheeks when I stride through the offices on my occasional visit.

I get it – handsome, hung and loaded. They're all hoping I'll notice them and they'll get their chance to get on their knees for the boss. But they also know I'm demanding, with needs that must be met. How that little bit of gossip wormed its way out and spread around the company like brushfire I have no clue. But I can't help but find it entertaining.