A Moment in Time(8)

By: Stormy Glenn

Apollo squinted at the bright afternoon sunlight as he stepped off his porch and began walking toward the lake—the direction Grayson’s scent said he went. He slid his sunglasses over his aching eyes and picked up his steps, anxious to find out what had happened to Grayson.

Apollo considered calling his brothers, but he wasn’t quite ready to admit that he had found his mate but didn’t know anything about the man. He was pretty sure that the man came from the Sanchez Pack, but not positive.

Panic began to wrap around Apollo when he reached the edge of the lake and Grayson’s scent faded. He walked in a circle, gradually making it larger and larger until he came to the conclusion that Grayson had either walked right into the lake or he had been beamed up by a spaceship. There was no other alternative.

Grayson had simply disappeared.

Grimacing, Apollo pulled out his cell phone and dialed his brother. His embarrassment that he barely knew his mate seemed minor when the man was missing. He could always learn more about Grayson once he found him.

“Apollo, I thought you had a few days off.”

“I need your help, Ares.”

“Of course,” Ares answered instantly as Apollo knew he would. His brother was very protective of those he cared about.

“I’m down by the lake in front of my house. Can you bring Hercules and join me here? No one else.” Apollo swallowed hard as he glanced around the empty area around him. “And please hurry.”

Apollo anxiously paced back and forth along the edge of the shoreline as he waited for his brothers to show up. He knew if he could trust anyone to help him find his lost mate, it would be his brothers.

They had been through hell together.

Ares, Apollo, and Hercules had been directed into the elite soldier area of wolf life by the sudden death of their parents and just about every damn member of their pack. They had been the only ones to survive the massacre that had decimated their pack and then only because their parents had expected trouble and hidden them away.

They had been young, too young to understand why every person they loved and cared about had been killed. But they hadn’t been too young to be enraged.

The death of their parents and pack had created not only rage in the three young wolves but three elite soldiers that became legends whispered about in the dark. None but a select few knew their real names, just that they came in the night and left just as mysteriously, but only after they had completed their objective.

As individuals, they were unstoppable.

As a team, they were deadly.

Ares, the oldest brother and the one angriest at the death of the life they had lived, taught Apollo and Hercules to fight with deadly skill, giving no mercy to their enemies. He had taught them every skill he could learn himself, always searching for more ways to be lethal.

Apollo had quickly shown skills with bladed weapons, using them with a swiftness that astounded even Ares. It was known from the time he was barely ten years old and grew bigger than both his brothers that Hercules would be the muscle of the group.

And Ares was the smartest of all of them. He planned, trained, and strategized. He saw things in battle that others did not, giving the three brothers an advantage. He was also the one that the others listened to.

Apollo just hoped Ares had something important to say this time.

He glanced up when he heard footsteps approaching, for a moment hoping it was Grayson. Disappointment rippled through him when he saw Ares and Hercules. If it wasn’t his mate, at least it was the two men that could help him find Grayson.

“What’s up, brother?” Hercules asked as they came to a stop. “You’re not looking so good.”

“I found my mate at the party yesterday.”

Hercules’s face lit up.

Ares smiled.

“Congratulations, Apollo.” Ares glanced around. “Where is your mate?”

“That’s why I called you here. He’s missing.”

Ares’s face became emotionless. “What do you mean he’s missing?”

“Just what I said,” Apollo replied. “I went to take a shower, leaving Grayson asleep on the bed. When I came out, he was gone. I assumed he had gone downstairs to make me breakfast again, but when I got downstairs, he was gone.”

Hercules grinned. “He made you breakfast?”

“Yeah.” Apollo cupped his hand like a bowl and started describing the delicious breakfast pies to his brother. “He put bacon and sausage and—”

“Uh, hello,” Ares said. “Missing mate, remember?”

“Oh god.” Apollo flushed with embarrassment one moment then paled with shame the next. How could he forget that his mate was missing? No wonder Grayson had left. He had to be the worst mate in the history of mates.