A Moment in Time(45)

By: Stormy Glenn

Grayson laid his head on Apollo’s shoulder. He hurt, and he knew he had a pretty bad injury in his chest, but he wasn’t dying. Fate just wouldn’t be that cruel to him, not after everything he had suffered.

He pressed his hand over Apollo’s, making sure his mate knew he was still there. “I need more than a moment, Apollo. I need a lifetime.”

Chapter 12

Apollo chuckled as he watched CJ and Grayson toss a baseball back and forth in the front yard of their new house. He sat on the front steps of the porch, Molly playing with her blocks at his feet. Iben had given them the house since they needed one of their own to raise the pups in. It was within easy walking distance of the alpha house with a great view of the lake and the snow-capped mountains beyond.

He loved the two-story cottage but not as much as he loved sharing it with his mate, his very much alive mate. No man should watch his mate get shot. It was a devastating experience. Even after six weeks, Apollo still felt a twinge in his chest every time he thought about how close he had come to losing Grayson. That fear would probably live with him until his dying day.

Apollo’s gaze was drawn to a slim man walking down by the edge of the lake. Brandon had been pretty quiet since he first arrived in Aberdeen Valley. Since Chad attacked them, he had gone almost silent. Something truly traumatic had happened to the shy man, and Apollo and Grayson both suspected there was more to it than the loss of his pack.

Brandon wasn’t talking. He had explained things to Iben behind closed doors, but the alpha never spoke of what had been said. Apollo doubted he ever would. That was between the two of them.

Brandon didn’t seem to do much more than walk the edge of the lake for hours on end. Apollo worried about the man, but Iben said he had some stuff to work out and he would join the living when he was ready.

Until then, he was to be left alone.

Everyone accepted that except Grayson. He refused to let Brandon linger in whatever hell he was drowning in. Since Brandon was staying with them, Grayson made him come down to dinner every night and hang out with the family. Apollo wasn’t sure that was the right approach, but he didn’t have a better one either.

Another movement caught Apollo’s eye. He tensed until he recognized his brothers, Iben, and their mates, walking toward the house. A sense of peace he had only come to know in the last few weeks filled every inch of his body. He smiled as he waved.

“Molly, Uncle Iben is coming.”

Molly’s chestnut covered head snapped up, her eyes darting around until they fell on one of her favorite people. Letting out a squeal that could shatter eardrums, Molly shifted into her wolf form and tore off after Iben.

Apollo chuckled as he watched her run toward his alpha, yapping the entire way. He pushed himself to his feet, slid his hands into his back pockets, and followed after the happy little pup, stopping to kiss his mate along the way.

He was no longer worried that someone would see Molly shift and turn her in to the council. Every member of Aberdeen Pack had become fiercely protective of their only female shifter. She was an example of what the future could hold.

Granted, Alpha Sanchez and the entire Sanchez Pack shared in protecting Molly, but only because his daughter could shift as well. Iben surmised that a new genetic was coming out because their kind was slowly dwindling. If it wasn’t lack of males being born, it was shifters trying to turn human females into slaves or refusing to accept humans. Either way, their numbers were growing smaller.

Iben also suspected that the council knew all about it and was trying to hide the fact from the paranormal world by eliminating the evidence—in this case, Molly and Teresa, and who knew how many other female shifters.

They had something to fight for now, something that would change their world. They just needed to keep it safe and kill anyone that tried to take it away from them. The council might have been trying to hide their little miracle, but she was bringing them together like they hadn’t been in centuries, and maybe that was what scared the council so much.

Apollo just knew that he had a mate to love, some pups to protect and teach as they grew, and a pack that needed strong soldiers like him to fight and keep them safe so that they could experience their own moments.