Hunted:A Stepbrother Romance Novel(61)

By: Olivia Long

And I got involved in administration with another non-profit—and Harry was the one who helped me get the job. I knew that, between our two parents, he’d be the first to start to see things our way. Harry was a good man, and he knew a little something about love. He made my mother a better person, too, and I hoped that, as he came to accept Chase and me, so would she. Maybe we’d be able to share Christmas together again after all—uh, next year. Or the year after. Probably not this year.

It’s funny how quickly life can coalesce and crash, changing into something completely new, carving itself out channels where none had been before. Just ten weeks ago, I’d assumed that I’d be moving out of the house and into my own apartment to get AWAY from Chase and his endless retinue of one-night-stands. I was going to keep slaving away in anonymity at Helping Hands until I died. The stress from living this lie that I hated was probably draining years off my life every day, and now, in just one long weekend, all that had changed. Everything had changed, and I was happy. Finally happy. I only wished that our parents had been able to accept us for what we were—two consenting adults of sound mind and body ... who had fallen in love with each other a long time ago.

And then Mom and Harry called to invite us to Christmas dinner several months later, I realized an old truth: be careful what you wish for.

You just might get it.

* * *

The End