69 Million Things I Hate About You(9)

By: Kira Archer

She also added a golf outfit for Tuesday, something for tennis and more casual drinks-at-the-club clothing for Wednesday, a second less-powerful suit for the art gallery opening Thursday, a club-appropriate outfit for Friday. She shook her head and laid out a fresh pair of socks and underwear with each outfit. Okay, the guy was busy, she’d give him that. And she had no doubt it saved him a ton of time every day to just walk into his closet, go to that day’s cubby, and pull out whatever outfit he needed for wherever he was going without having to even think about it. She got it. Really.

But seriously, wasn’t there a limit to this whole pay-people-to-run-your-life thing? Though, hell, she’d love to have someone take care of her needs half as well.

Once she got his clothing for the week squared away, she did a quick sweep through the bathroom, making sure he was set for toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and anything else he needed. Then she went back out to the kitchen for her biweekly meeting with Mrs. Ros. The housekeeper was already at the counter, tablet and calendar pulled up and ready to go.

“I’ve got his dry cleaning ready to be sent out, and everything else is good to go for another week or so.”

Mrs. Ros nodded and made a note on her list. “Appointments?” she asked.

“None for this week. He has a dentist appointment coming up next month, but we’ll go over that closer to the day, in case it needs to be moved.”

Mrs. Ros snorted. His appointments almost always had to be moved at least once.

“Here are his requests for meals this week,” Kiersten said, handing Mrs. Ros a list. “He won’t be home most nights again, but…”

Mrs. Ros nodded. “I’ll make sure there is food he can reheat in the fridge.”

Kiersten smiled. They had this routine down pat. “Excellent. All right then, I think we’re good to go for a few days. Make sure he gets out the door by eight every day. If anything comes up that affects that, I’ll text you, as always.”

Mrs. Ros nodded then cocked her head, looking at Kiersten. “Are you hungry? There’s plenty to eat in there,” she said, jerking her thumb at the fridge. “I can heat you up something.”

“Under normal circumstances, I’d say definitely. But my roommates have pizza waiting.”

Mrs. Ros grinned at her. “Well, get going. I’ll take care of everything over here.”

Kiersten nodded and gathered her things. “I’ll see you Wednesday.”

Mrs. Ros waved her out. Kiersten punched the number for the ground floor and looked at her phone. 9:43. What a freaking long-ass day.

She hurried to the subway, managed to slip between the train doors just as they were closing, and slumped into a seat. She took a couple of deep breaths and tried to will the stresses of the day to dissipate. It would probably take less willpower and more like a few drinks and half a pint of Ben & Jerry’s to really relax. She wrapped her arms around her bag and leaned back against the seat. She had a few minutes to indulge in her favorite pastime—fantasizing about her boss.

Not about his incredible smoke-gray eyes with the dark gray ring that had once had her envisioning staring deep into their depths amidst heated, passionate kisses. It should be a crime for such dreamy eyes to belong to such an ass of a man. No, her fantasies were kinkier than that. Like, dumping his coffee on his head the next time he grunted at her with his empty cup. She wondered how quickly she’d be escorted from the building if she gave in to temptation and upended the thing. Or took that pen of his that he loved so much and shoved it up his nose. Or told him exactly what he could do with all the files that were oh-so-important even though he had no idea why.

Of course, while it might be incredibly satisfying—incredibly—it might inflict serious damage. And she didn’t truly want to hurt him. Most of the time. But it would be amazing to watch him squirm for a minute. Since that was never going to happen, envisioning a little retribution helped pass the time.

Then again, going through those files he’d given her would be a better use of her time. Maybe if she could find something useful before she hit home, she’d be able to salvage some of her weekend. At least until Cole called her to come find his favorite pen or pick him up a new toothbrush or some other equally irritating task.