69 Million Things I Hate About You(2)

By: Kira Archer

“Well, Kestin, you’ve just been promoted. Let’s hope you last longer than the last three.”

She opened her mouth to correct him on her name, but before she could, he was already firing orders at her as he went back to his desk and started packing up his briefcase.

“I have a meeting in twenty minutes with my project manager, and after that I should have dinner reservations at…”

He frowned and Kiersten piped up.

“Le Bernadin, sir. Your reservation is for eight o’clock.”

“Thank you. Confirm that, and clear my schedule for the rest of the evening.”

At least her first task was an easy one. “I confirmed it this afternoon, Mr. Harrington. You’re all set.”

Working with Marie had been great training. She’d pretty much been running Mr. Harrington’s life anyway. Only now she had to deal with Harrington himself. The prospect sent jolts of terror and excitement zinging through her. She could finally show what she was made of and get credit for the work she was already doing. Not to mention a nice raise. Her bank account would be happy to see that. The forty-three dollars currently sitting in there would love the company. And if she had to spend her days glued to the side of her asshat of a boss, well, at least he was easy to look at.

“Wonderful,” he said, turning those piercing eyes of his back on her. He stared long enough that she dropped her gaze, looking down to see if she’d spilled something on her blouse or had forgotten a button or something.

Nope, nothing wrong. She met his gaze again and this time didn’t look away. Yes, the man practically made her shake in her knock-off Louboutins, but there was no reason he needed to know that.

His lips twitched with a hint of amusement. “Call me Cole.”

Kiersten blinked at him. Marie had never called him by his first name. No one did.

“Mr. Harrington makes me feel old. I don’t look old yet, do I?” he asked in that charming bedroom voice of his that she could swear would melt M&Ms while they were still in the bag.

Her eyes flicked over him, making his lips twitch further. “No, sir.”

“No ‘sirs.’ Just Cole.”

“Yes, sir.” Damn. She couldn’t stop.

He made a sound that might have been a snort and then turned back to his desk to grab his briefcase. “Here,” he said, handing her the phone Marie had left. “Keep it with you at all times. I keep weird hours. Consider yourself on call. All the contacts you’ll need should be in there.”

He paused for a moment, his brow furrowing. “Get ahold of HR. Tell them to send over the paperwork for your new position, and we’ll make everything official. I’m assuming you know where Marie kept my calendar and all the other information you’ll need.”

Kiersten nodded, but he wasn’t really paying attention to her as he rattled off more instructions. “Make sure you’re up to date on all my pending contracts and current projects. We’ve got deadlines to meet, and I have no intention of missing anything because of this ridiculous upset. If you need help with passwords or anything to get into the computers, get IT up here to get everything changed around. See security on your way out for your new badge. You’ll need an upgrade to have access to all the floors and offices.”

He stopped and glanced back at her. “Shouldn’t you be writing this down?”

“No, sir. I’ve got it.” Thankfully, she was quick on her feet and had a memory to match. Clearly, Mr. Harrington, er…Cole, was going to keep her hopping.

“Cole. And I hope so.” He went back to gathering his things, moving about his office like a mini-tornado looking for a place to land. He grabbed the ring of keys Marie had left and tossed them at her. “These should get you into the building, all the offices, my apartment, and anywhere else you might need access to. I don’t know which is which, so you’ll have to figure it out. My security company will need to be notified to change the passwords for the keypads at my apartment. You’ll need to be there for the voice recognition and fingerprint software to be updated. There should be a list of people somewhere on Marie’s desk who’ll need to be notified that you’re my new assistant. Make that happen. I don’t want to deal with delays on anything while we argue with someone over whether or not you’re authorized to have the information. Switch Marie’s plane ticket and hotel reservation to your name for the conference this weekend or make your own reservations if needed. I assume you’re available to go.”