Techy (Devil Souls MC Book 2)(62)

By: LeAnn Ashers

Noah? He’s a mini Jordan but worse, if that’s even possible. Noah came home yesterday saying that these two older boys like Vanessa and have been staring at her ass.

Vanessa isn’t interested in boys at all. She’s busy with her cheerleading and volleyball. Noah is in fighting classes, and he is preparing himself for the MC life. He’s set on being a member of the MC. Jordan is down for that.

Through the years, Jordan has become more alpha. Every single day, I feel like stabbing him with my dinner fork. A guy checks out my ass? He goes all Hulk and is ready to knock them out. Luckily, I have found a way to lure him away. That way is the promise of sex.

Jordan heard about the boys liking Vanessa, and he just came home with a T-shirt with a picture of him on it. In the photo, he’s shirtless and looking pissed off, which means he’s scary as hell to everyone who doesn’t know him. The shirt says Boys, stay away. This is my dad. He will kick your ass.

Then, on the back, it has all of the MC brothers, and under, it says So will my uncles.

Yeah, my daughter isn’t impressed, but Jordan is dead set on her wearing it to school.

“Dad, I won’t wear it. I don’t even know who Noah is talking about.” She sighs and props her head on the edge of the counter with her elbow. She looks at me for moral support, but I sigh along with her.

Jordan is standing in front her, his arms across his chest. Noah is beside him, matching his stature. He is so stinking cute though.

“Dad, if they talk to me, I will kick their butts and sic Noah on them. Deal?” she negotiates.

Jordan relaxes and smiles at her. “Deal, baby girl.” He walks over to her and pulls her into a bear hug. “I don’t want my baby girl to grow up, but you can live here with me forever. You don’t need a man.”

Vanessa peeks at me and rolls her eyes.

I dread the day when she actually finds herself a man. I may go on vacation and hide from Jordan.

Noah is smiling at his dad and his sister. After sliding from my stool, I sneak over to him. I grab him into a bear hug and pepper his face with kisses. He squirms, trying to get away, but I hold on tight. He will never get too old for me to love on him.

After I let him go, he jumps away. Jordan is staring at both of us with a happy expression on his face.

I walk over into his arms. Raising my head back, I mutter, “I love you.”

“Love you too, angel.” He kisses my forehead.

I lay my head on his chest. I look at Vanessa and Noah. They’re watching us. I want them to find what we have.

I know they will. I will raise them to never settle for anything less than the best for them, whatever that may be.

The end