Stiff:A Stepbrother Romance(75)

By: B. B. Hamel

This year was doubly important. Preliminary rankings came out a week ago, and the MD Knights were in the top fifteen in the nation. Some people said that was a low ranking, but I didn’t mind. I wanted them to underestimate me.

They’d see how good we were on game day next Saturday.

As I headed back toward the locker room, I felt someone come up beside me. I glanced over and Hynes grinned back at me, his helmet tucked under his arm, his clothes dirty and sweaty.

“How’d it go?” he asked.

“Good. Coach had me throwing post reps. Arm feels strong.”

He laughed. “Not that shit. You saw her today, right?”

“Oh. Yeah, I saw her.”

“How was it? You try and put another baby in her?”

I laughed. “That’s not really how that works, Hynes.”

“You think I don’t know that shit, man? You can try anyway. Trying’s the fun part.”

“No, Hynes. We didn’t fuck again.”

“So, what? You just talked?”

“Yeah. We talked about the fucking baby inside her.”

“Your baby,” he reminded me.

I gave him a look as we walked into the locker room. “Thanks for the reminder.”

“No problem, man. Now strip down and get into the shower with me.” He grinned hugely at me.

“Cut that shit out, asshole,” I said, laughing. I went over to my locker and he disappeared a few rows down. I stripped off my dirty clothes, tossing them into the laundry bin, before wrapping a towel around my waist. I went over to the showers and climbed into a stall.

I heard Hynes get into the stall next to me.

“Seriously, man,” he said. “You figure out what you’re going to do yet?”

“Not yet, but I’m not running out on her.”

“Yeah, of course not. You’re not an asshole.”

“Usually. But the problem is, man, I’m broke.”

“No shit. I live with you. I know how broke your dumb ass is.”

“Seriously, man, I need money. I need to be able to help Avery take care of this kid, and I can’t do that without money.”

“Good point. And you can’t exactly get a part-time job.”

“No. I can’t sell autographs, I can’t do shit. I’m fucked, man.”

“Must be hard being so successful.”

I sighed. “Right now, yeah, it is.”

“Why don’t you get one of those loans from the mob? I hear they love giving loans out to desperate athletes like you, and I bet you know a guy.”

I laughed. “Yeah, right, a mob loan. That’s probably not a great idea.”

“Or you could whore yourself out. I bet there are a lot of ladies who want a piece of Gibson Evans out there.”

“I’d rather take the mob money.”

His water stopped and I heard him get out. “Your loss, man. You could get paid to get pussy.”

“I’m not sure it would be as good as you’re making it sound.”

He laughed. “Probably not.” I heard him leave the bathroom and I was left in there alone.

I let the water run down my chest, sighing to myself. My mind wandered back to earlier when I’d had Avery alone in the study room. I loved the way she had looked around with that annoyed expression on her face, and the way she had bitten her lip when I’d talked dirty to her.

I knew she loved hearing it. And truthfully, I wanted to feel her body again. I’d been thinking about it since the second we parted ways, but I had just been too busy with school and football to really pursue it.

Now that she was back in my life, though, maybe now was the time to try to taste her again.

I let the sweat run off my body as my cock got hard just thinking about her. I turned the water off finally when I was finished washing, trying to get her out of my head.

I couldn’t worry about fucking her right now. I had to worry about money.

In that moment, I had an idea. Well, not exactly my idea, but an idea anyway. It was a stupid idea, a desperate idea, but it was all that I had.

Maybe a loan wasn’t such a terrible idea after all. I was going to make a lot of money soon enough, if the scouts could all be trusted. Even if I wasn’t picked high in the draft, I could still make a good living as a backup or even as a third string somewhere.

A damn good living. Definitely good enough to pay back some loans. I was living for free and I had no debt yet.

Maybe this was the time to really grow up. First step in that was taking out a little loan just to get my life started.

Fortunately, I knew just who to call.

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