Falling For A Brazilian Bad Boy

By: Mz. Jae

Ayana craved men with clout, and although her newest boo could be a bastard to everyone else, she only experienced the best of him. He was a boss by profession, bastard by desire. She never planned on being so deep with a man on his level, yet here they were. She was his woman, undeniably. And, in case anyone wondered, he was her damn man.

“Papi,” she whispered in his ear, maneuvering around so he could know she was awake and ready. “Aye, I need you.”

She started kissing and sucking on his golden neck. With each second, she tasted his manliness as he stirred out of sleep. His palms started rubbing along her thighs, just before reaching and groping her thick ass.

“This how you wake me up, ma?” he asked, the words draped with desire.

“Damn right,” she replied, taking a break from nibbling on his chest. Before she was able to make another move, he swooped her up, settling her entire treasure in his face. For all the talk she gave and all the drama she dished out, Sergio knew how to settle Ayana's ass. His warm mouth engaged her womanhood. As always, he started off by gently kissing and mumbling in between his pleasuring.

“This my boceta (pussy), right?” Sergio loved the fact that he owned her mind and body. He got off in knowing that no one else was able to claim what was his. And he dared another to try. He briefly pulled away. Their eyes connected. The slickest grin formed; she immediately knew what he was after.

“No...” she tried to escape his grip.

“Where you going?” he teased. “Don't run from inevitability.”

“I don't wanna cum yet…” They'd been together for seven blissful months filled with passion and emotion. He'd easily taken control of her, owning every move and breath she made. That included when or how quickly she came. But Ayana liked to release in sync with her man.

Sergio never took heed to her pleas. He flipped her over then buried himself between her thighs. She didn't have the willpower to stop him. Losing control, she captured his head at the sides and tried not to scratch up his gorgeous, golden skin. As he tickled her clit with a type of greed that let her know he would always be hers, Ayana's body answered his call to release.

“Yessssss,” she cried out. Seriously, real tears. She fell for this man. After giving her all to this tumultuous relationship, she refused to ever imagine giving him up.

Sergio hated when she cried. At first it would scare the crap out of him, but he came to understand. When it came to him, she was lost forever. Even with the nature of his business, she was hooked to the point of never looking back.

“You want me to make love to you, ma?” His tone was low enough to hear just a hint of an accent, which drove her further over the edge.

“Don't tease me,” she panted as this bad boy ran his golden, muscular chest against her stomach. He traveled upwards, pacing the depths of her breath. Before long, he raised her legs until her knees extended into the air. The full length of their bodies collided; she had little choice than to wrap her legs around his waist. He didn't initially dive into her, but spent time teasing just the outer region of her pulsating treasure with his hard-on.

“Rough or sweet?” he taunted.

It was about seven o’clock in the morning. Sergio had only been in bed for about three hours. Ayana knew enough to know some wicked shit had more than likely taken place before he'd gotten in, but she'd brushed it off when he'd stripped the clothes off, placed them in a pile and blazed them in the fireplace. Matter of fact, the fire was likely still simmering downstairs. She'd met him in front of the fire, when he'd directed her back to bed. After Sergio took a shower alone, he entered the bedroom still wet. He pulled back the sheets, spun her over and plunged in doggie style, cuming almost instantly. They both passed out afterwards. She recognized then that he needed to pound. As for now, Sergio was going to make it all about her.

“Make love to me...” No sooner than the words filtered out, he began a slow grinding. His thick piece filled into her, even curving to tease at her g-spot. She just about floated to heaven.

“Damn,” he mumbled. Each time his hips rotated to hers, she added to the pressure by squeezing her inner muscles. His flesh filled every crevice so that when she gripped, it reinforced their perfection.

“Papiii,” Ayana cried out as before. The sweat built between them. He bowed low, nibbling at her neck. “Agh, bae...”

He pulled her up from the sheets. She wrapped her legs even tighter around his waist, then rode gently on his piece, gradually building momentum.

"Aghhh,” she called out over and again.

“Damn ma...” His entire body flexed, every inch of his arms and legs.