By: Alexa Rynn
Chapter One


The way I treated her was disgusting.

The things I did to her in the sheets should be illegal.

That’s how fucking nasty and exciting they were.

I never claimed to be the knight and shinning armor that she wanted because the truth was that I wasn’t. I had never been a hero and I never would be… I was bad. I was a really bad guy. Every girl in the damn city knew it.

But that was all part of the thrill.

The danger of the game is half of the excitement but I didn’t play for just the high of it all, I played to win. And I didn’t want to just win by an inch: I wanted to dominate it so bad that people wouldn’t know what hit them, so they would be begging for more without even knowing why.

Hell, I didn’t want to treat her that way.

I didn’t want her to get caught up in the crazy bullshit I had created around me… but she just couldn’t let it go. And that meant I had to keep her at a distance because anyone who got too close ended up just as damaged as I was.

She wanted to save me…

I couldn’t even safe myself.

The first time I saw her was way before I saved her life.

Years before, actually, she stood in line at a coffee shop around the corner from this girl’s house I had banged the night before. I would have never been on that side of town ordinarily but as fate would have it I’d met some blonde at a bar who was just dying for a piece of Braden Nash.

Join the club, baby.

So, there she was, standing in line like she had been placed there for the sole purpose of my amusement. A small jean skirt barely covered her round ass and her white t-shirt only added to the whole innocent girl thing she had going on. Her face was bare of much makeup, her dark brown hair hung in long waves down her back and the first thing that flashed into my mind was how good she would look on her knees looking up at me with that mouth wrapped around my thick shaft.

I licked my lips in satisfaction and then she looked over at me, locking her eyes on mine and something changed. I was used to girls blushing at the sight of me or flocking over to where I was, young billionaire Braden Nash was big news in LA. The heir to the Nash family fortune and business female attention wasn’t something I ever had to worry about. I’d long ago been pegged the playboy in the press and it was a title I carried proudly much to my father’s annoyance.

She didn’t look impressed though, she just looked sad, empty.

And by the time I had gotten my coffee she had vanished. Never to be seen or thought of by me again. But timing was a funny thing and it had other plans for me. Seventy-two hours later my father was murdered in front of me and events were set into motion that were beyond anyone’s control, especially hers, because the truth was that I wasn’t even sure how the obsession had gotten so strong. But it had and once I was in so deep there was no getting out… no matter what the cost was.

But, like I said, that was before the countless hours of training. Before I rescued her from one of the worst night of her life, before she became infatuated with uncovering my secret, before I had to trick her into working for me just so I could keep an eye on her…and way before I knew how sweet she tasted.

But love had always been a dangerous thing, especially when you had a million secrets no one could ever find out about. Because finding out was a matter of life and death, a matter of being seen or disappearing forever, and some secrets were better left buried.

No matter how far you had to go to keep them that way.

Or what you had to lose in the process.

My name had always been Braden Nash…

But my story was just beginning.

Chapter Two


My eyes snapped open into the darkness. My heart was beating so fast that I feared it was going to explode all over the inside of my chest. I looked around the room rapidly, trying to make out any figures in the darkness.

But there was nothing.

No one was in my bedroom. Everything was as it should be.

I allowed myself to let out a breath I’d been holding in and glanced at the clock on the nightstand. 2:07 A.M. I’d been waking up in the middle of the night like clock work for the past few weeks, ever since the news reports had started. It was ridiculous, like out of all the houses in the entire city of Los Angeles the LA rapist was going to pick mine to come into.

I threw back my covers and allowed my feet to hit the cold wood floor. Might as well fill out some more applications if I was going to be awake anyway. Finding a job had been a struggle since I’d been laid off earlier this month. Apparently businesses weren’t that impressed by a shy 24 year old with an English degree from a community college.

I had just passed my closet door when I heard it.