Billionaire Bad Boys Club(5)

By: Emma Holly

“Easy,” Trey said shakily. “I’m close to coming too.”

“Sorry.” Zane let go to shove Trey’s shirt to his armpits. Trey would have been disappointed, but then Zane bent to lick his breastbone, a big wet swipe like he wanted to taste his sweat. “Mm,” he said, veering sideways to stroke Trey’s tight left nipple. He latched on and sucked, thrumming it fast and hard with his tongue.

Trey gasped, hips thrusting helplessly upward as unexpectedly strong sensations zinged from his nipple to the knob of his cock.

“Do you like that?” Zane broke free to ask. “Girls usually seem to.”

Trey barely had breath to laugh. How many times had he imagined having someone compare exactly these notes with him? This was going so much better than he’d dared fantasize. Saying yes with his body, he dug his fingers into Zane’s hair, the way he’d dreamed of for fricking forever. Zane rotated his neck with pleasure as Trey massaged his scalp.

“That feels good,” he said. “You really make me feel things when you touch me.”

“You do too,” Trey panted. “I guess we’ve got chemistry.”

Zane rolled his eyes—no hearts and flowers for him—but his lips were smiling.

“Do the nipple thing again,” Trey suggested. “I felt that all the way down my dick.”

“Will you do it to me later?”

The hint of shyness in Zane’s voice got to him even more than his oral skill.

“I’ll do anything you let me,” Trey promised hoarsely. “Any damn thing you can dream up.”

Flashing a brilliant grin, Zane bent back to his chest.

He made Trey squirm and himself chuckle with enjoyment. “I’m going for this,” he warned, beginning to move his kisses down Trey’s abs.

“Uh,” Trey said. Muscles in his stomach jumped from the swirly Zane’s tongue drew around his navel. Zane couldn’t mean he was going to blow him. That wasn’t how beginners wet their toes. Then again, maybe Zane didn’t care. He caught Trey’s cock again, driving the sweaty heel of his palm up its underside, pushing the length into his stomach. The stroke felt amazing, especially when the edge of his hand compressed the tip.

It felt even better when Zane’s tongue followed the same path.

“Zane,” Trey said, his voice strangled. “We can just give each other hand jobs. You don’t have to go this far your first time.”

Zane licked the killing spot underneath the rim, where his foreskin would have attached if he hadn’t been circumcised. “I want to. Just let me know if I screw it up.”

He tucked his fingers under the shaft, tipping it back toward him. As if he knew it would make his mouth slide better, he wet his lips. Trey hitched up on one elbow so he could watch. Despite his intention to memorize every lick, his eyes nearly closed with bliss the moment Zane’s sexy mouth closed on him. He had just the head in there, cradled between his tongue and his hard palate. His hand fisted Trey’s root—good thing, considering how badly Trey wanted to pinball to his tonsils. When he was able to drag up his eyelids, Zane was staring at him, his mouth stretched open by Trey’s cock. That visual set Trey’s heart thumping harder. He wrapped his hand over the one that was straightening him.

“Keep your hold here,” he rasped. “And maybe push the skin down. I like the feel of getting sucked when my dick is tight.”

Zane’s eyes widened, his breath speeding up. Maybe the idea that other people’s mouths had been where his was turned him on. His grip grew stronger, stretching the surface of Trey’s cock better than he could himself.

Trey arched his neck and groaned. “Jesus, Zane, that’s perfect.”

It wasn’t half as perfect as when Zane slid his hot mouth down him.

Both men and women had given Trey blowjobs. He’d never failed to enjoy them, but this was an ecstasy of a different order. Zane blew him like it was a Hail Mary play he’d been visualizing. His tongue knew just where to go, his full lips forming the ideal ring for suction. Trey’s nuts drew up so quickly he had to squeeze pretty hard through his jeans to pull the right one down. He’d learned the tactic helped him hold off if he felt too close to coming. When Zane saw him do it, he grabbed the other half of his sac himself.

Trey writhed like a fricking eel. Zane’s pressure wasn’t gentle, but Trey enjoyed an edge of pain. The entire center of his body—from his diaphragm to his thighs—sizzled with fireworks. Zane sucked him slower and wetter, his magic mouth drawing easily up and down. Trey groaned, his head rolling back and forth on the peeling paint of the bleacher bench. His left hand dug hard into Zane’s hair, his right clawed around his own balls. Zane hummed around his dick like he loved every inch of it.