Bad Boy's Secret

By: Ella Score
Enemies with Benefits Book One

Chapter 1- Try Outs

Paige's POV

I take a deep breath, letting out all my nerves. Relaxing my shoulders and cracking my back, I wave to Robbie who is in line behind me now. We're both trying out for the musical Hercules for drama club, it's based off the Disney movie. I look down at my sign up paper, looking at the part I circled, I have one of the five goddess's circled. The way Mrs. Olver explained it was, these five girls will sit on a bench at the bottom of the stage throughout the whole musical and sing when one of their songs comes on. Nothing too big, but nothing to small either. Peeking through the curtains I see that the girls before me, are just getting started so I'm going to be waiting a while.

Glancing at Robbie again, I see him and his red hair and tall and skinny physique. He reminds me of a skateboarder dude, and I know that is total stereotyping of me. It's true though, even the way he dresses make me think skateboarder... and everyone knows to stay away from skateboarders. Robbie is different though. First he is my best friends. Second, he is in drama class and he can sing and dance. Third, he plays baseball. Fourth he is well liked and doesn't really have people who don't like him. Fifth, and I'm being honest with myself here he is pretty good looking, but I myself have been put in the friends zone. I remember back in our sophomore year, I had a huge crush on him, but it never went anywhere. Now, I just think of him as my very good looking best friend.

"Paige why are you staring at me? Do I have something on me?" He asks, and I mentally shake myself out of La La Land. I smile at him panicking about his audition, I remember him saying something about Pain or Panic the two workers for Hades, but I don't know if that is what he circled or not.

"No, you're fine. Quiet worrying... it gives you wrinkles you know." I smirk at him, and narrows his eyes at me. Then his face softens, and a smile spreads across his lips. "So.. what part ya trying out for?" I ask, raising my eyebrow. I figured out I'm really good at facial expressions, and being able to control my eyebrows. He chuckles, and hands over his paper, looking at it, I see he has Pain circled. "You could do better than that. Like Phil... or Hercules even." I hand it back, and he scoffs.

"Like you? Wanting to be one of the gospel singers.." He smiles triumphantly, I let out a breath he has a point. We sit a little longer and chat about who we think is going to get what parts. Talking about how Georgia is most likely to get Megera, she is Mrs. Olivers little teacher's pet and she can sing but her acting could use some work. After another fifteen minutes, my name gets called. I stand up relaxing myself again. "Good luck, and break a leg." Robbie says behind me as I push through the curtains.

"Hello, Mrs. Oliver!" I great handing her my paper, she smiles warmly and she starts in on her questions on what role I want to play and if I'm okay with a speaking part. Once we have all of that done and sorted through, she plays the keys on the piano to one of the songs from the musical and I sing reading of the sheet music she gave me.

"Great job!" She applauds, as she plays the last note. "Thank you, Paige. We will have the final parts posted at the end of the week." I nod, heading out as she calls Robbie in. I smiles at him giving him a thumbs up, he roles his eye and giggle grabbing my school, bag and heading back to study hall. This was the first audition time, and I'm happy to have gotten it out of the way! Sliding back into my seat next to Carmen, another one of my friends, I inform her on how it went. She congratulates me, and then she skips back to before I left and continues explaining to me her theory on Wyatt and Anne's break-up. I barely keep up, not really caring either. She is of course taking about Wyatt Drewmoore and Anne Wilson. They we're together for a couple of months, but everyone knew that relationship was going know where. Anne has a thing for Jake, Wyatts best friend, but he isn't interested in her. So to make Jake more interested in her she went out with Wyatt.

Anne is the schools slut. Wyatt and Jake are the school players. Easy as that, they will never be in actually real relationships. I try to stay out of all of their drama, which is hard to do with Carmen who always somehow knows what's going on. I could care less, I have school and college to think about. Hence why I'm boyfriendless! I'm proud of it though, for being a junior and not having one relationship in high school.. or ever for that matter. I'm sure I've set some kind of record here! I've had crushes don't get me wrong, but I've never acted on them.

Once the bell rings, I head to American History, it's my favorite class next to drama. I take my seat in the front row next to the window, and wait for Mr. Parker to come in. He is always late for this class, because he has lunch break during the period before this. I look at the rest of the class counting how many are here today, and I realize it's not even a class. It's just me. There are only eight of us in here, yeah small class, and today it seems the other seven are all gone. It's happened before, it's mostly the other really smart kids like the chess club people and the athletes. Both those groups are gone today for bug tournaments. When Mr. Parker does come back, he rolls his eyes seeing how it's just me. The two of us go way back, he is my brothers friend. They meet in college, and have been friends since, including he did just get out of college last yeah. I'm partly sure he is only twenty-one, but I know Patrick is twenty-two.