Bad Boy's Baby

By: Sosie Frost
To L.G.

Cause I know how much you love bad boys…



A party wasn’t a party unless I had two women begging to take me home.

And the fun only started when I agreed to fuck both of them.

The blonde grinded against me first. Not that I wasn’t partial to blondes, just had seen a lot of them lately. Blue-eyes, sexy curls, lips that pouted more than they’d ever smile. She was the kind of girl who’d suck out a man’s willpower through his cock then demand a credit card to go shopping. I’d learned to stay away from those girls. Good for one fuck, maybe two, but then they’d always want the same thing.

Money. Tickets for their friends. A car. New tits.

Somewhere out there, four women had eight, brand new tits courtesy of Jack Carson. It was almost like a public service.

And the league said I needed to devote more time to charity. I was doing the world enough favors.

Only a few of my teammates joined us for the night out. Half of them took off before the party got rowdy. The rest grabbed more beer and a girl of their choice.

I ordered the waitresses to bring us another round of everything—alcohol, wings, phone numbers. The music pounded, and two of my teammates shook the jukebox until their change poured out. The R&B blared, and some of the girls started to dance.

And those lovely ladies knew just what to shake.

After a song—and three discarded thongs—another handful of coeds slipped into our private room. They giggled as they recognized the stars of the Ironfield Rivets and paraded to my table. I let one through, a pretty little brunette I stacked next to the blonde.

Now this brunette I liked.

She wore a sexy black dress, something deserving of the Vegas strip, not the city of Ironfield. When she curled into my lap, the hem rose. I covered that exposed thigh with a hand.

Soft. Warm. She’d do for a night.

The brunette coo’ed, fake and practiced. She didn’t need to patronize me. I preferred a real moan. My fingers tucked inside her panties.


I liked that.

I tickled until I earned her genuine, sexy sigh, except my flirting pissed the blonde off. That wouldn’t do. I gave her a wink, and she settled down, leaning close enough to let me glance at her tits. She had a better rack than the brunette. The heart-shaped tattoo was familiar though…

Now I remembered. Last week, I saw her blowing Orlando, one of my linemen. It wasn’t unusual for the same girls to pass through the team. I had to admire her dedication. She worked her sweet-ass up from a lineman to the star of the offense. She wouldn’t stop until she fucked me—the team MVP.

She couldn’t get any better than me.

And she wouldn’t have a night better than what I’d offer.

The blonde licked her lips at me. The brunette wanted me to finger her. I studied both of their bodies.

“You girls might want to exchange names.” I tugged on the blonde’s dress strap. “Tonight, you’re gonna get to know each other real well.”

The brunette was into it, but I was pinching her clit. She’d do anything I said. I hoped the blonde liked brunettes or they wouldn’t have as much fun when I took both of them home. Then again, some resentment was sexy. It was entertaining when the girls got territorial. A little cat-scratching, back-biting, and hissing to stake their claim made the sex damn exciting.

Besides, everyone loved competition—especially me, especially when two big-titted women fought over my dick. A man didn’t get to the top of both his game and his women without encouraging healthy rivalry. And it was a good night to shoot for my personal best.

A threesome was fun, but it didn’t impress anyone anymore. A foursome though—entertaining three lovely ladies?—that sounded just right. I was in the business of making plays and memories.

Fortunately, another blonde roamed the room, searching for a lap to grind in or a cock to suck. I hauled her into the seat next to me.

“You.” I didn’t even ask her name. “Sit.”

Her voice was breathy. “Yes, sir.”

I’d never get tired of that. The new girl earned the scorn of both the brunette straddling my lap and the blonde at my side. I expected one of them to bolt, but even a third of my attention was enough of a thrill. They all stayed, staking their particular claim. The new blonde tested the limits of her halter-top and rubbed my bicep. The first blonde entwined her hand on my other arm. The brunette shimmied against my thighs.

“Girls…” I grinned as their fingers roamed over my chest. “It’s gonna be a damn good night.”

Bryon Washington sloshed his beer at me. The half-hearted toast was as much a congratulations as I’d get from my best friend and teammate. He smacked the waitress’s ass as she delivered another round of desserts. We hadn’t ordered them. She shifted from Bryon’s roaming touch.