Axel:A Bad Boy Romance

By: Laura Day
Chapter One

Her hand trailed over the coarse rope. She could feel the scratch of each individual fiber as it brushed against her soft skin. As she moved forward, placing one foot in front of another, she let her hand trace along it until she had walked the full square. She was in a boxing ring. It was strange; she had never really thought about boxing before. She had never watched it on TV or been interested in it in the slightest, so why was she in a boxing ring?

The lights were off and everything outside of the ring was fuzzy and unclear. It all looked very far away. She let her hand slip from the rope as she looked around her sparse surroundings. Marie had the strangest sensation that she was supposed to be meeting someone. There was supposed to be someone else here. She glanced around and then saw him in the corner to the left.

He was sitting on a low stool his knees spread apart as he lounged back on the ropes. He was wearing a robe with the hood pulled up over his face. Marie wondered what he looked like underneath that hood. She took a tentative step towards him, feeling the slight bounce of the mat beneath her feet. She walked forward, her eyes searching under his hood hoping some detail would come into view.

Finally, she was only a step away from him and Marie reached out to push his hood back when the seated figure suddenly lunged forward and grabbed her wrist. She gasped and tried to pull away, but he held her tightly. He stood up and towered over her and Marie tried to make out his face, but it was too dark. She tried to pull her hand from him, causing him to relent a moment later. Marie allowed herself to take a step back, but went no farther.

She didn’t want to run from him; he was the reason she was here. Emboldened, she took a step forward and, in return, he let the robe slip back from his head. He was handsome, with blue eyes and light hair and before Marie could get a good look at him he had swept her up in his arms. Her eyes closed instinctively as his lips found hers. The hair on her arms stood up as his soft lips encased hers. He slid his tongue over her lips as he pulled her body closer and she was pressed against him.

Marie kissed him back. She bit his lower lip and heard him growl as his hands traced their way down until he stopped to grab her ass. He lifted her up onto her tiptoes as she sucked on his lip. Her toes curled as he kissed her. She reached down feeling underneath his robe. His stomach was toned and firm she ran her hands over his warm skin, feeling all of the strength he so casually held.

His hands were tangled in her hair as he pulled her close. He was holding her face against his as he kissed her fiercely, sliding his tongue over hers. Finally, she pulled away from him to catch her breath and he took the opportunity to kiss her neck. He slid his tongue over her receptive skin making her shudder. He licked the sensitive nape of her neck and she grabbed at his hair, urging him on.

Marie whispered the word yes and grabbed his arms and now it was her pulling him closer. She pushed her body against his and she could feel his erection as it grew against the light material of his shorts. His stubble was rough against her skin, but his lips and tongues were terribly soft. The two sensations together made Marie’s toes curl as she moaned into his ear. She never wanted him to stop.

Without even realizing it Marie was grinding her hips against his. In slow movements she grazed his erection with her body and he began to move with her. Her hand fell down to his shorts and she ran her fingers of the soft fabric over his growing member. He moaned into her neck as her hand slowly moved up and down his shaft. Her touch was light and he impatiently bit at her neck, making her gasp in surprise.

She pulled her neck away from his mouth and with her free hand she guided his face back to hers. She kissed him deeply, sliding her tongue over his and then sucking on his lip as her hand traced ecstasy over him. He pushed her up against the ropes and she felt the rough material against her bare back. She was trapped between him and the ropes, but she wouldn’t have moved for the world. He grabbed the ropes on either side and kissing her fiercely he pushed her back until she was almost hanging off of coarse material. Her arms clutched at his strong shoulders knowing he would never let her fall.

With her back to the ropes Marie brought her legs up and around his waist. He slid his hands under her ass grabbing it as he lifted her up. She threw her head back and kissed his way down her neck to her breasts. With one hand he caressed her breast and with the other he kissed and nibbled her pert nipple. Marie arched her back against the ropes and grabbed at his shoulders to pull him even closer to her. She wanted him. She had never wanted anyone like this. Sex had never been like this before.